ADAPT for Teams

Helping leaders to build effective teams through collaboration and alignment

ADAPT for Teams is not a technology to solve a problem. It is an integrated solution to solve the many challenges common to modern teams.

Finding a way of aligning everyone in a team to work productively without micro-managing them can be tough! Ideally, you want everyone to be accountable for their roles and relationships within the team and deal with issues in an honest, authentic way.

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ADAPT for Teams provides the method and technology platform to do this. It gives you a shared place to:

Capture your team purpose and values, helping you to define your team behaviours
Track work and view the work of others

Record peer to peer feedback around contribution, connection, and engagement

The Benefits

How can ADAPT for Teams help your team?


Defined and transparent behaviours

Improved commitment, buy-in, and discussion around values and purpose

Alignment through a focus on regular review of results


Improved connection to team members

Increased trust and respect through collaborative behaviours

Transparency of personal and team values


Improved autonomy and accountability

Transparency of accountabilities

Less waste & less email

Clear focus on collective goals and the best outcomes for the team


ADAPT for Teams

Our cloud-based platform ADAPT enables everyone in your team to come on the ADAPT journey and work together in a productive and effective way.

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Want to get more of a feel for ADAPT for Teams?

It is always a good idea to start by assessing where you are currently at. Complete the team assessment and consciously identify your team strengths and challenges.