Release Notes

Stewardship Enhancement

Our cloud based technology, ADAPT, enables everyone in your organisation to come on the ADAPT journey and provides the framework and tools to implement each capability. Based on feedback on our Stewardship feature, we have made several changes to improve the experience for our customers.

Adding Kanban Items

The first change is adding an item directly to the Kanban. You no longer need to be in a meeting to do this.

Click on Add Item from the Kanban board and add an item.

Kanban boards are now also shown when you are in a meeting.

Item Location

The next change is allowing the item location to be set by tier 1 architecture, by capability or by the ADAPT Succession maps.

You can choose your preferred location method, and then select or update your item location.


You can now search for an item. This is currently a simple search which we will enhance in a future release.

You simply type in the text you are searching for and the feature will search for items across all boards, or more specific areas if the location or meeting group is specified.

You can then click on the Item Link for an item to view its details.

Moving Items

To make moving an item to another board easier, you can now do this in embedADAPT via the Links tab.

Simply click on the edit icon and change the meeting group from the drop down list.

Due Dates

Our next enhancement is Due dates which now appear as part of the item summary on the Kanban board. This gives a better visual of item priorities.

If no due date is specified, it will be left blank.

My Stewardship

And last but not least you can now navigate to your My Stewardship page from Stewardship (and vice-versa).

We hope you enjoy the enhancements to the Stewardship area of embedADAPT.
If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call, or email Support on