ADAPT for Teams

ADAPT by Design exists to help leaders build resilient organisations. Together with guidance from our ADAPT Practitioners, our cloud-based technology provides tools across all areas of your business to help do this.

But what if we could help more people by also having a solution for teams?

Building on Patrick Lencioni’s work in teams and Conscious Leadership principles, along with our own experience in the building of a software technology company and working with our ADAPT customers, we have developed the ADAPT Team model. The model looks to align everyone to deliver the best outcomes by enabling team members to:

  • Be a learner and embrace innovation
  • Build trust and alignment
  • Engage in healthy conflict
  • Commit to team decisions
  • Be accountable

To support this model we will soon be launching a new product called ADAPT for Teams. Team leaders and consultants will be able to use ADAPT for Teams to:

  • Assess their teams’ current behaviours
  • Guide their team with purpose and shared values
  • Engage their team in building better relationships
  • Enable their team with Kanban task management

So what does this mean for you?

As existing customers, you have access to the ADAPT platform which includes all functionality from ADAPT for Teams. What this will mean for you is:

  • Improved user interface and user experience
  • Functionality for building team effectiveness within your organisation

This team effectiveness functionality is on its way shortly. Stay tuned for more updates.