Release Notes

Enhancing your team effectiveness

Our cloud-based technology enables everyone in your organisation to come on the ADAPT journey and provides the framework and tools to embed lasting change. This release focuses on improving the effectiveness of teams.

Team Dashboard

You can now establish teams within your organisation. Each team has its own dashboard. The dashboard is accessible from the value streams or successions that they are accountable for. The dashboard gives you an overview of who is in the team, its purpose and values, the quality of relationships in the team and the current work being done.

Team Guidance

A shared purpose and values align the focus and direction of the team and answer the question of WHY this team exists. You can now capture these for each team, building on the purpose and values of the organisation.

Team Stewardship

Managing team work effectively increases accountability and collaboration.

Each team has its own Kanban board (or multiple if you wish), and works similarly to the previous meeting groups, with an improved layout and filtering capabilities.

Team Meetings

Teams may now elect whether or not to utilise the meetings functionality, with the ability to capture notes and decisions within each meeting.

If enabled, the dashboard will give you quick access to the next meeting and the minutes from the previous meeting.

Speed Catch Up

Team members can use the speed catch up functionality to improve their ability to communicate their level of engagement and give and receive feedback on contributions.

This helps enhance working relationships in the team and ensure everyone is working towards the shared purpose.

Network Health

Our new interactive analysis tool allows you to interrogate the quality of relationships in your network based on speed catch up data.

This is available at the team level, as well as on your personal speed catch up dashboard. Total Systems Leaders can also utilise this at an organisational level.

We hope you enjoy the new team functionality in the ADAPT platform.
If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call, or email Support on