Launch of embedADAPT’s refreshed interface!

In April 2014 we launched the first version of our cloud-based technology, embedADAPT.

Since the initial release, we have regularly added new features and made improvements based on the feedback from you guys – our customers.

On the 25th July, we will be launching our biggest update yet, a refreshed version of our user interface.

So, what does that mean?

When you log on you’ll see a much cleaner, consistent design and navigation aligned to the ADAPT method.

The biggest of these change is the addition of three tabs on a side navigation bar which gives you a Personal (I), Teams (WE) and Organisation (IT) view. These tabs now all include a dashboard.

The personal tab displays a dashboard with your personal information including your tasks, peer catch ups and career valuation score.

The team tab shows you all the teams you are a member of and allows you to navigate to each team dashboard to access team guidance, tasks and network health.

The organisation tab displays a dashboard with organisational information including guidance around purpose and values, and analysis of network health, career valuations and cultural index. You can also navigate to pages for each Value Stream and Succession within the organisation.

We’ve also added an ADAPT method tab where you can access all resources related to the ADAPT method including the ADAPT capabilities.



When you first log in, you will have access to a tour which will go through each element in embedADAPT.

We have also implemented a chat feature, so if you have any questions, you can send a support request through this window.

At ADAPT we are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers by providing a great product and proactive, personal and helpful support that exceeds expectations.

Please contact our support team for assistance or if you have any ideas on how we could improve.