Being a Business Owner vs Being a Business Leader

Building a business is hard work. A business owner need to be self-motivated and face challenges head-on. The foundations need to be in place to have a strong, stable, successful business.

You can own a business – but that doesn’t automatically make you a good leader. A business owner and a business leader both require a particular set of skills. 

Leaders oversee teams. People make up these teams. Leaders need to encompass a high level of emotional intelligence to relate to all team members. Leaders must build a high level of trust and psychological safety with their team members for them to reach their highest potential.

One way for you to build on the success of your business and its teams is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Identifying areas you need to work on means you can build on your existing skills, improving your capability as a leader.

The first step in our ADAPT Way Foundations programme is to conduct an Organisational Review. As part of assessing an owners effectiveness as a leader, we use the DiSC 363 for Leaders tool, which focuses on the interpersonal aspects of leadership, assessing eight different approaches based on the answers given by your peers and direct reports. You can read more about this tool here.

By analysing the focused, balanced and constructive feedback, we work with you to discover what you need to work on and guide you to put strategies in place to improve your leadership behaviours and business success.

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