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Business Diagnostic

Complete the online diagnostic and consciously identify where your business challenges may be and where you could focus your attention in order to improve your business.

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What is your current objective?


Establish Effective Leadership

The core of any good organisation is good leadership. The leaders are responsible for nurturing and continually innovating your organisation.

Do you have a defined Purpose, Guiding Philosophy and Values?

How do you manage strategy implementation in your business?


Embed your culture

An organisation is made up of people who need to work in teams. Productivity directly relates to the ability of a team to collaborate.

Are the leadership team clear on the culture they want in the business?

Do you have strategies in place to embed your values?


Engage your people

An organisation cannot thrive without engaged, capable people, collaborating together to deliver on the purpose of the organisation.

Do you have any defined strategies for employee engagement?

Do you have defined road maps for your people?


Engage your stakeholders

Business is about how stakeholders interact and create value so building positive relationships with your stakeholders is key to sustainability.

Do you document who your stakeholders are and how they fit within your overall strategy?

Do you measure the health of your stakeholder relationships?


Capture and Optimise How You Work

Traditional organisational architecture is based on a hierarchy of responsibility and power. We believe in a more collaborative, team driven approach to achieve the best results.

Have you captured guidance on tasks to enable the handover of knowledge and experience?

How do you track how you work, as an organisation and personally?


Innovate Your Product Offering

A sustainable business needs to have a product to generate revenue. Without revenue no business can survive.

Do you have a process for capturing customer feedback?

Do you invest time and money into research and development?


Manage Your Financial Security

A successful organisation needs efficient and collaborative financial systems to track its current and future financial positions.

What is your greatest financial challenge?

Are you getting the financial information you need to make timely decisions?


Enable Your Ownership Succession

The ownership of an organisation, whether it is privately owned or publicly listed, will evolve over time so it’s important to be clear on your ownership intention.

Who owns your business and what is the structure?

What is your vision for future ownership?


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