Five ways poor leadership will impact your business

It is one thing to be a manager, but this does not automatically give you great leadership skills. In our previous post, we emphasised the importance of identifying your strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to focus on the positive outcomes of increasing your strengths, but identifying and working on your weaknesses is just as crucial to your business’s success.

So what are the common traits of a weak leader?

  • Lack of curiosity
    As a leader, how can you know if you are exploring the best options for the business if you always dictate, never listen? Showing signs of curiosity and thinking outside of the box may lead to a more creative solution you had not initially considered.
  • Unsupportive of their team
    Weak leaders will not encourage collaboration within their team and will challenge strategies which were not their idea. A good leader should not alienate their team members and should promote alignment and respectful discussions.
  • Lack of empathy and humility
    A leader who cannot put themselves in the shoes of others is not a leader who will inspire their team to work together doing their best work. A leader who can relate to the challenges of their team and listen to suggestions and ideas will promote an aligned and cohesive team.
  • Speaks but does not listen
    A good leader will actively question and listen to the opinions of their team. They will promote collaboration and creativity. A bad leader will think their way is the only way to achieve great things.
  • Inability to adapt
    A workplace is a rapidly changing environment. A weak leader will challenge change and resist new ideas or innovations. A better leader will embrace change, thinking on their feet for the best way to adapt and move forward.

The above traits do nothing to inspire confidence or bring alignment to their team. Inevitably these traits will impact your business. Poor leadership leads to:

  • Poor sales
    If your business is not making money, there will be no business. An inadequate leader will not inspire their team to meet their targets, and will instead cause a ripple effect of unproductive and unmotivated behaviours.
  • Misaligned teams
    By not promoting collaboration, your team will not be on the same page. A lack of accountability and lousy communication leads to a fractured team.
  • Unmotivated employees
    If employees have no direction and no accountability, they won’t have any motivation. If there is no motivation, there is no productivity.
  • Inability to retain good employees
    A good employee is worth their weight in gold. However, if they don’t feel valued, it won’t be long before that good employee is looking for something more aligned to their values, leaving your business at a loss.
  • High staff turnover
    If you are unable to retain good employees, this will lead to high staff turnover; one of the highest costs a business can incur, and one which can be avoided with the right leaders in place.

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