The Platform

We couldn’t find a Leadership Operating System for small and medium businesses… So we built one.

Our platform becomes your organisations ‘core truth’,  empowering your owners and leaders to build a great businesses. 

Build high performing leadership teams

  • Build trust and align on purpose and values
  • Be clear on your roles
  • Track meaningful progress
  • Have a stewardship framework
  • Maintain high levels of accountability
  • Measure team performance

Design and implement a resilient strategy

  • Be clear on Vision, Purpose & Values
  • Understand your economic engine
  • Define your process to deliver value to customers
  • Align on success strategies
  • Set & track Goals, Objectives & Key Results
  • Keep your strategy on track

Cultivate a healthy and vibrant culture

  • Enable a high quality entry for new people
  • Uphold trust and psychological safety
  • Invest in, and activate intrinsic motivation
  • Measure employee engagement
  • Measure employee aspirations and how well you meet them
  • Cultivate your culture, guided by the data
  • Support high integrity transitions for exiting employees

What our clients think

We work with lots of SME's just like yours. Hear some of their feedback about the ADAPT journey:

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