Andrew Maiden

Andrew’s strong desire for SME owners is that they achieve their passion and are able to share the passion with clients, suppliers and people who work alongside them.

He has over 40 years’ experience bringing sustainable change to small and large businesses alike, and along the way has experienced the challenges of private as well as publicly listed companies. Andrew has assisted these businesses to implement sustainable structural changes triggered by new technology, industry structure and regulatory changes, corporate changes including cross border transactions, and M&A activity.

Andrew understands very well the key to successful business change is excellent communication and alignment of key stakeholders to ensure a sustainable business remains and thrives after the initial drive for change has disappeared.

With his near 20 years’ experience working with SME owners, Andrew has always strived to see them walking the path toward achieving their passion. Nothing has given him as much joy in his working life as enjoying the successes of an SME and seeing the owners and everyone connected with them proudly sharing in the achievements of that SME.

Specialties Change Management, Customer Service, Embedding Healthy Culture, Financial Security, Growth, Individual Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Leadership development, Organisational Design, Perth, Process Improvement, Safety Development, Strategy Implementation, Succession, Team Development

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