Mike Parker

Mike is a big believer in the power of small and medium-sized businesses and, inspired by the sporting world, strives to get them in "The Zone". He wants your company operating effortlessly and delivering remarkable experiences.

Mike has 29 years' experience working in financial services, an area and profession which he is passionate about. His experience ranges from advisory to business development and sales management and overall played a significant role in progressing strategies and structures of many of Perth's leading financial advisory SME's.

Additionally, and what Mike considers a career highlight, he has been a part of one of the world's leading executive coaching organisations, TEC, for ten years. Experiencing first-hand the impacts of exceptional coaching and how this can enhance the lives of business leaders is what gets Mike's blood pumping. In building trusted relationships, Mike will increase the effectiveness of your business and get things flowing seamlessly.

Specialties Business Development, Financial Security, Individual Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Strategy Implementation, Succession, Team Development

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