Suzanne McGrechan

After working in the corporate world for 10 years Suzanne went on to co-found two businesses; MODAL, an organisational development and learning business, and Cahoots Photos an online photo book and design company. She successfully started, grew and later sold both of these businesses.

Suzanne's experience running these companies has given her insight and empathy for the many challenges owners of SME's face and a passion for supporting them.

Her experience has shown her that most businesses would fall apart without the owner holding it all together. She works with companies across many industries to transform their business to be less reliant on the owner, giving them the time to work on what matters.

Whether your goal is more freedom, succession, selling your business or growth, Suzanne is committed to helping you achieve it.

Specialties Embedding Healthy Culture, Individual Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Leadership development, Perth, Strategy Implementation, Team Development

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