Tadhg MacCarthy

Tadhg is a founding member of ADAPT by Design with a long-term career in SME software organisations. It was the human element of software development, the way leaders and their teams learn and develop, which piqued Tadhg's interest in coaching.

In Tadhg's previous role at acQuire, he pioneered the implementation of Lean and Agile. Some of these principles underpin the work we do in the ADAPT Foundations program.

Tadhg approaches his customers with a curious mind to understand their strengths and weaknesses. He is passionate about continually building their resilience. For Tadhg, there is no more rewarding or purposeful work than seeing the impact of this; Leaders making real progress within their organisation.

Tadhg values fairness and equal opportunity for all and is proud of the fact ADAPT can provide a service to SME leaders that was only previously available in the corporate world. He has over six years' experience coaching the ADAPT Way, with customers ranging from software to scaffolding.

Specialties Change Management, Embedding Healthy Culture, Leadership development, Organisational Design, Perth, Process Improvement, Project Management, Strategy Implementation, Succession, Team Development

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