Six Steps to a Successful Business

What makes a successful business? Is it a stable cash flow with a tidy profit? Is it generating leads or repeat sales? What about minimal staff turnover or a productivity level which sees your teams kicking goal after goal? The ADAPT Foundations program focuses on building and embedding business habits required to ensure your business is resilient in all these areas, and more!

In our previous post, we spoke about the importance of building on your strengths and identifying your weaknesses as an owner and leader. The same analysis needs to be done at an organisational level.

Below are the six steps we have identified to help you navigate your way to success:

Conduct an Organisation Review

By analysing your business performance, we can identify areas ticking along well and those needing attention. Your Coach will help you analyse how your aspirations for the organisation are lining up with reality.

Induct Leadership Team

We work with you to build high levels of trust in the leadership team and align on the work you need to do and how it will be done.

Build your Resilient Business Strategy

To be a successful business, you need to know your WHY. Our Coach helps you identify this to support your goals and strategy to achieve them.

Engage your people

Without engaged employees, no business can be truly successful. We do a pulse check on the engagement of your people and support you in implementing the program throughout your organisation.

Build internal capability

Your Organisational Review will have highlighted some weaknesses in your organisation that need addressing. Your Coach will work closely with you to build the capabilities required to improve. This could be around team leadership, effective stewardship, writing objectives, to name just a few.

Keep your strategy on track

Economic and business conditions are ever-changing. If you are not flexible and responsive, processes and strategies are irrelevant before they are ever implemented. We have a pivotal approach to ensure the team focus and align to keep the strategy on track.

Implementing the above strategies is a commitment, but one that will pay off by knowing you have laid the foundations to grow your business sustainably and allow for future succession. All of the data is captured in our unique data platform, making it accessible to the entire organisation. And don’t worry; you will have the support, guidance and expertise of one of our Resilient Business Coaches for the entire journey.

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