The Process

Our end-to-end solution encompasses every aspect of your business. The building blocks of our unique process are:

Design your foundation

Your vision forms the bedrock on which your entire organisation operates. Getting the owners and directors to work together as a cohesive and effective team is critical to your success. We work with owners and directors, who want to build long-term, sustainable and resilient businesses, to design a team to optimise their return on vision.

We recommend this optional unit be tackled as the first step, but if you are confident you have a clear and aligned vision and your ownership team is all on the same page you can jump straight into designing your resilient business.

Design your resilient business

Our foundation program focuses your leadership team on aligning around a practical strategy to deliver on your vision. This is done in four key steps:

Conduct Organisation Review

This first crucial review identifies what’s working and what needs work. We start by understanding your frustrations and get clear on your aspirations. We use online surveys and face-to-face interviews to collect insights and intelligence about your business health. We look at the leadership practices in your business and use qualitative and quantitative data to measure the level of resilience. The results are presented in an interactive workshop where you will begin working on your strategy for success.

Induct your Leadership Team

The next step is to build the right team to help you lead and grow your organisation. During a full-day workshop, we tackle team development and start working on the right habits and disciplines to grow your leadership team’s effectiveness. Role clarity and agreement on who is responsible for what are critical components of this step.

Build your Resilient Business Strategy

Now we get into strategy. With your leadership team, we spend two days re-aligning and focusing your team by answering the following critical questions:

  • Why do we exist? This is your purpose.
  • How do we behave? These are your values.
  • Where are we going? This is your vision.
  • What do we do – and don’t do? Your bullseye will help to answer this.
  • How will we succeed? Get clear on your focus for success.
  • What’s important now? Set your goals and objectives.
  • Who needs to do what? Assign actions and timelines for your team.

Engage your People

Finally, we support you to communicate this information to the organisation. This includes a workshop with the whole company to reach agreement on how to behave, based on your core values. These values will guide your decisions and form the cornerstone of your culture.

‘Design Your Resilient Business’ is our foundation program. Typically taking  4 – 6 Months it includes support from an ADAPT accredited coach and our platform. 

Keep your strategy on track

Our approach is adaptable and responsive, allowing you to adjust and respond to fast-changing circumstances while keeping your team focused and aligned on what matters most. Annual and quarterly objectives (measured with targeted key results) instil accountability and discipline in the team to achieve what is really important.

Monthly - Coach-led leadership team meetings to review critical numbers, check on the progress of objectives and deal with any emerging customer and people issues.

Quarterly - Leadership team shares information from their key functions and the business, reviews and scores quarterly objectives and sets new ones.

Annual - Coach-facilitated two-day strategy workshop to set new objectives for the next 12 months. Here there is a focus on cultural initiatives and building trust and psychological safety in your leadership team.
Maintaining this tempo provides you with the predictability, discipline and structure to do the important strategic work for your business.

Build Capability

Depending on your business needs and aspirations ADAPT by Design offers additional speciality modules designed to build capability within your SME.

These are accessible post-completion of our Resilient Business Program.

To find out more, get in touch!

Systemise your business

Growth and succession is difficult if you do not have clear processes. Documenting how your business operates in its unique way is what we call Systemise your Business. This module allows 20 hours for training your teams to capture and use the key systems to deliver your services and products.

Build great teams

This blended learning programme helps leaders develop the discipline and behaviours necessary to build high-performing teams. This module is made up of five online sessions, each followed by a face-to-face workshop with your coach, to support your team leaders as they put their learnings into practice.

Coach a leader

Running your own business can be a lonely job. Having a coach increases your skills and confidence and gives you an independent and supportive point of view. This Coach a Leader module offers 20 hours of one-on-one coaching to be used in a manner and timing that best suits you.

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