The role of a business coach in your team

High performing sporting teams have coaches. Cricketing legend Justin Langer is leading the Australian cricket team to victory this summer. Laurie Lawrence led the Australian swimming team to countless Olympic gold medals. From grassroots sports to professional athletes, coaches are essential for getting the best out of each team member. So why wouldn’t you have a business coach for your leadership team?

At ADAPT, we work with SME leadership teams to build the discipline, habits and behaviours you need to be a resilient organisation.

There is no one size fits all solution. Our job is to curate what best suits each team with our training, coaching, facilitating and mentoring skills. Every customer journey will be different. ADAPT provides a framework and concrete tools and the ADAPT Coach draws from their ‘toolkit’ to curate the solution.

Discover – Diagnose – Design – Deliver

We work with our customers to discover their business challenges and issues, diagnose what the cause is, design a strategy, and then help them deliver on that.



Self-discovery is the most powerful, so we support the leadership team to build the skills to discover what the business needs. We use several tools as inputs to help do this:

  • Organisational review
  • ADAPT team assessment
  • Leadership assessment
  • Cultural data – Career Valuation Tool, Cultural Index, Values Audit
  • Customer feedback
  • DiSC and trust assessment
  • Observation and feedback from the coach


This is where we want to support our customers to look at the whole system. What’s sitting behind the issue? We need to understand the current situation. Is it a skills problem or perhaps a role clarity issue or maybe a problem with alignment?


We then work on what are we going to do about it? We put the plan together with the customer; we want them to set the goals and own the solution.


We then establish accountabilities. Who is going to do what by when? We record the agreed goal or action in our data platform embedADAPT, and then hold the customer to account for their actions and behaviours to deliver the solution.

This cycle of discovering, diagnosing, designing and delivering is perpetual and is at the core of all good planning and coaching. A cycle could take a year, a quarter, or it could happen within a single leadership meeting or a coaching conversation.

Throughout the process, the ADAPT Coach is building a long-term relationship with the customer where we become a trusted but independent advisor to the business.

Our approach

We do not come in and tell owners and leaders what to do. We work in partnership with them as they discover what they need to do, and then we help them to develop the skills and behaviours necessary to build a resilient business.

Initially, it takes discipline, and our customers need lots of support to build the discipline to use the many tools that ADAPT offers. In time, they begin to feel the benefits and the lift their business is getting, and these practices will become habits. The reliance on their business coach naturally decreases. Our data platform supports embedding this behavioural change throughout the organisation.

If you would like to hear more about ADAPT and how we can help you in 2020, get in touch or check out the testimonials on our website.