Who we are

Our story

ADAPT was founded on the discoveries made over 22 years building a software technology company called acQuire. Because of this, ADAPT empathises with entrepreneurs and has vivid memories of the challenges of an early stage company.

ADAPT’s first business plan was established in 2010, and then researched over the coming years until its launch in 2012. ADAPT is based in Perth, Western Australia.

Our purpose is to help founders and leaders build resilient businesses.

Our values

We believe building an organisation driven by purpose and values is critical to resilience. Creating an environment centered on high levels of trust and intrinsic motivation ensures people work together effectively. Values have to be clear and truly reflect the philosophy and aspirations of the founders and leaders. Why create an organisation you don’t want to work in?

So, what’s next?

If what you have read so far sounds interesting, we would love to continue the conversation around helping you build a resilient organisation.