Who we are

Our purpose is to empower owners and leaders to build great businesses.

We love small business.  We are one ourselves.  We know the pain and joy of owning and leading a small business. And we appreciate the extraordinary contributions small business makes to society as a whole.  

Founded in 2014 by software developer and self-professed ‘data guy’, Bill Withers, ADAPT was started with the end in mind - to help build a society we’d like to live in.  

We do this by ensuring small businesses thrive and everyone employed by a small business benefits from job security and healthy thriving work cultures.   

We believe supporting small businesses creates a ripple effect of positivity into their communities, and has a far-reaching impact for the good in our society.  

Our values

We believe building an organisation driven by purpose and clear values are critical to its success. Our values are a living and breathing part of our business. We walk the ADAPT way every day.

Maximise trust

Trust and psychological safety are fundamental to building high-performing teams and contributing to a successful society. We work hard on building trust so our people can be authentic with each other. Our commitment to maximising trust is in our DNA and guides how we behave with each other, our customers and our eco-system. 

Grow together

We believe in the power of curiosity and creativity to enable learning as individuals, as teams and as an organisation. Activating intrinsic motivation is a big driver here. We treat each other as equals and encourage input along with challenging ideas. This means owning our own behaviour and looking for opportunities to share what we learn along the way.

Give a shit - GAS 

Having a high GAS factor means we care and want to be part of the solution. We choose to set our community and society up for success. This means people over profit. We are actively engaged with our work, our customers, our stakeholders and our community. 

Build shared value

ADAPTers are purpose people, actively helping to build the society in which we want to live. We create value so it maximises outcomes for all stakeholders, our people, our customers, our society and our environment. We recognise our success and social progress are interdependent. 

Walk the ADAPT way

We are a proud SME. We take delight in empowering SME owners and leaders to build great businesses. We put into practice our own principles and disciplines. By walking the ADAPT way, we are a shining example of using our tools, our technology and our processes. 

Meet our team

Passionate, committed and slightly obsessed, our team is driven by a shared desire to help more small businesses succeed and create thriving communities with happy owners, leaders, employees, and customers. 

Gabe Enslin

Leader of ADAPT By Design

Bill Withers

Founder of ADAPT By Design

Gillian Bester

Delivery Leader

Steve Tapley

Product Leader

Zoe Finlay-Jones

Resilient Business Coach

Claudia Van Dijk

Business Development Leader

Isaac Drew

Software Engineer

Woi Ang

Software Engineer

Amy Hool

Event & Delivery Coordinator

Alex Crew

Junior Software Engineer

David Stephen

Foundations Specialist

Min Tan

UX Designer

Suzie McGrechan

Method Leader

Renae Flegg

Learning Design Consultant

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