Stakeholder feedback and why we capture it

Capturing stakeholder feedback from customers, employees and partners isn’t always at the top of a business owners to-do list. Understandable when you consider how many hats they are wearing running their businesses. They don’t have the time.

Often these conversations and feedback gathering are done in a ‘water cooler’ conversation. There is no structure to it. Or the leaders are across stakeholder feedback, but it is in their head, never making it into a system that is visible to all. The problem with this is there is likely some gold in those conversations. Insights you had never considered. Issues you didn’t realise existed.

What if there was a way to capture stakeholder feedback so you could use these inputs to navigate the direction of the organisation? Imagine the benefits of doing this in a more structured way, capturing data that you can learn from and analyse over time?

We have several ways we capture stakeholder feedback using the ADAPT method and data platform, and these inputs into the system are vital in setting annual and quarterly Objectives.

Employee cultural metrics

ADAPT’s Career Valuation Tool measures seven different motivations for an individual, and the ideals for each can change depending on what is happening in an employee’s life, their age, and their financial situation.

  • Professional fit
  • Personal fit
  • Cultural fit
  • Training
  • Mentorship
  • Recognition
  • Financial security

The feature assesses ideally what people want, and how their current job delivers. It is captured as part of a facilitated conversation with a cultural champion in the organisation and leads to incredible insights into each employee and what they need.

embedADAPT also captures an employee’s level of engagement at any given time. We ask a series of questions and record whether they are engaged or disengaged. The trends over time can be plotted for an individual or across the whole organisation.

Peer and stakeholder health catch-ups

ADAPT’s Peer Catch Up feature measures the health of relationships between two employees. Each assesses their engagement with each other, their connection with each other, and their contributions. The traffic light system, with qualitative comments, highlights where there are relationship failures within teams and across the organisation.

Similarly, we capture this data for broader stakeholder groups, including customers and partners. By giving your customers and partners a voice and actively asking ‘how can we do better’, you send the message you care whether you are delivering on your purpose while gaining insights you might otherwise have missed.

These are just two of the inputs we capture and use as key data for setting annual and quarterly Objectives.

If you would like to learn more about how we capture this data, get in touch.